When you are looking for that special focus piece that defines the space or one that balances the flowconsider a piece of Karrie Ross Artwork!

I’ve been creating artwork for all my life, the past 30+ years spent filling up walls in private residences, hotels, commercial and retail spaces with my oils,  watercolors, drawings, acrylics and 3D sculptures. This alone makes me a good choice for any existing or commission piece or artwork you might be looking to purchase.

The Entelechy of an acorn is to become a mighty oak tree.
My experience with human beings is that many of us have been shaped into
a smaller version of ourselves, like bonsai trees, instead of flowering oaks.
The best leaders encourage others to be their maximum self.
~Marjorie Barlow

How true this is… through the actions of art and design we are able to take spaces and move them into their full potentials. Contact Karrie Ross …. Solving Design Problems with Professional ART solutions. Contact for over 15 years.

Commission Artwork: Since 1998 I’ve partnered with a major High Point fine art gallery and have had my work shown at High Point and my art has sold from several PDC showrooms. I’ve painted and constructed many commission pieces that decorate the walls of hotels worldwide, retail and commercial businesses, movie sets, and personal homes. I am accustomed to having detailed in-depth conversations determining the right size, color, medium, focus etc. that is necessary for a commission piece to work and be successful. Contact me to discuss your projects’ specifications.

Original Artwork: I have in-stock existing paintings, both work-on-paper and canvas, ranging from 8″x8″ up to 84″ x 60″ of original art, abstract contemporary fluid watercolor, amazing pen & ink, deep mystical oils and sharp bright acrylics. And for the budget conscious or multiple use client, I offer giclee’s of any of my work as well. And when you are in Los Angeles please call me to set up a time to view the actual artwork. To get an idea of the type of work, please view what is on the Art Galleries links below and contact me to set up a time for a conversation.

PODs  |  I Am The Egg!  |  Energy Impact Craters Hands  |  Surreal  |  Portraits  |  Spiral Series  |  My Trees Talking  | |  Under The Sea  |  Watercolors  |  Bustiers  |  Drop Dot Line  |  Spiral Abstract  |  Other Paintings  |  Open Heart  |

I love to personalize the artwork I do. I’m confident that you’ll appreciate the quality and efficiency with which I work.  As a Feng Shui practictioner, I make sure the energy of the art, viewer and space be it in a home, office, or commercial installation, is aligned for the best possible results.

Photoshop Sample rooms with art to show use:

Flowers by Gracie™ (total of 12) Available as archival pigment reproductions on paper or canvas AND color can be added per spec. SIZE is no limit as these are vector files

Flowers by Gracie™ (total of 12) Available as archival pigment reproductions on paper or canvas AND color can be added per spec. SIZE is no limit as these are vector files

More about Flowers by Gracie™ can be seen at my licensing pages.

Photoshop Sample view “White Confetti” 54 x 54; (*close but not to scale)

Photoshop Sample view “Green Vase” art size 40″ x 26″; acrylic on paper (*close but not to scale)

Photoshop Sample view “The Tree” 54 x 54; (*close but not to scale)

Be sure to peek around my website and call me or email with any questions. And I’m excited to hear what you are up to.

Karrie Ross

*artwork displayed in photoshop recreations are close to size but not to scale.

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