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Creating balance …


Karrie Ross (Photo by EMS)

Karrie Ross, visual artist, painter, and a native to Los Angeles has been exhibiting her artwork locally since the 1980s. She was raised in a creative intuitive environment and brings that introspective sensitivity to her work. Her explorative concepts of self, internal dialogue moral integrity, the human (metaphoric) figure, and how exposure to facing fears, taking risk, deep thinking, and taking actions are able to twist perception and facilitate change by offering conscious choice. She is a survivor and her journey is seen in her art.

She draws information from many accomplished artists, such as: Influences: Eva Hesse, Escher, Miro, Sam Francis, Cy Twombly, Frank Lloyd Wright. Inspirations: Picasso, Frazetta, Disney, Saul Bass, Gurdjieff, show up in her attention to detail, business, marketing, passion of sharing play with intention of stimulating minds.

She uses a variety of processes and mediums as vehicles for this movement. The work poses questions of space, time, place, reflective values, and motivations. Her signature ‘lack’ of fully painted backgrounds offer a sense of other-worldliness and her use of metaphorical and abstract imagery— a coming and going of implied figures, symbols, and flowed paint — deepens the relationship of the in-between foreground/background she creates…a letting go.

Using pen & ink, watercolor, acrylic, oil, spatters, collage, metal leaf, and wire, Ross meets each new piece of work with the excitement of a new journey, a solving, and revealing of the struggles of the survivor mode derived from life experiences. The fact that she does not produce “in your face horrors” is part of the higher vibration she insists is present, and a necessary base for the planting of seeds that show up in her works. Her obsessive doodling, and use of kinetic spatters, and drips create a distraction from the obvious allowing for the hidden struggles to be exposed and bringing a feeling of safe.

“Karrie’s doodles are reminiscent of Cy Twombly’s organic scribbles set in a field of lyrical abstraction.” ~Jill Thayer, Ph.D.

“Ross’ art work is about the pursuit of answerable questions. She lives for them, and frames a life through the use of questions, rules and parameters.”  ~Robert S., reviewer

Ross’ work has been included in corporate, retail collections, and installations around the world. Exhibitions include a variety of 20+ shows a year (solo and group) from 2010 – 2017 to include: an international three Museum show 2014-2015, Italy, OAM and RAM; exhibitions at local and regional Southern California museums LAMAG, MOAH; local contemporary galleries, non profit galleries, project spaces, and colleges. Curator: Peter Frank, Max Presneill, Mat Gleason, Scott Canty, Fatemeh Burnes, Jack Rutberg, Kio Griffith, Jim Morphesis, Lori Garboushian, etc. Ross is mentioned in publications such as Hollywood Today, Los Angeles Times and the Huffington Post. She publishes a yearly artist story art-project-book “Our Ever Changing World” with the focus on creating community, and documenting the California Art Scene. She is both an award winning author and artist.

Karrie’s work addresses the qualities needed to survive each day as it comes, to feel safe, confident, while continuing to plant seeds that make a difference.